Meet our amazing team

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Miles Allen

Miles Allen is a Sunshine Coast Artist and a bit of a legend. He works with a range of media including painting, bamboo, found and discarded objects and more, to explore line, rhythm, memory, patina and the imprint of use upon materials.

Miles is our first artist collaborator at projectfortawesome and we absolutely love working with him. We are currently developing a design prototype and strategy for a unique garden-based play-space with Miles thanks to a small grant from Sunshine Coast council.


Samantha Taylor

Sam an experienced registered architect, interior designer and project manager, is a mother to two boys and a passionate maker, thinker and tree-climber. Based on the Sunshine Coast, Sam is chief trouble-maker here at projectfortawesome.

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Timothy Birch

Timothy is a passionate creative born in Sydney who lives and breaths art, design, photography, film, music…. the list goes on. He believes in ‘design for good’ and strives to capture this in both his personal projects and in his work life. Tim brings to the team of projectfortawesome a clear view on how to capture our message and project it out to the public.


Jed Long

Jed Long is a co-founder of Sydney-based architecture collective Cave Urban alongside Nici Long and Juan Pablo Pinto. Utilizing the fluid relationship between art and architecture, Cave Urban explores, creates and tests new structural systems outside the confines of the architectural profession, that emphasize community engagement and the continuation of vernacular tradition. Jed sees collaboration as a key component to the development of bamboo globally. Working with an a number of different organisations including the Humanitarian Bamboo Project, Taiwanese artist Wang Wen Chih and various universities Jed weaves together a range of different projects from community capacity building to artistic installations that form a larger interrelated narrative. A Churchill Fellow and an Associate of the University of Tasmania, Jed is interested in the investigation architectural permanence in contemporary building practice.

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Alice Ross

Conscious. Creative. Collaboration - with passion, heart and seeing, hearing, doing and being for something greater is, Alice. Through movement, speaking and words, with the soul purpose of spreading light, she pours much of her gifts, longing and desires into teaching yoga, educating others on living conscious, empowered lives through workshops and events, whilst illuminating her marketing skills in projects for the greater good.

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Harrison is our resident tester, reviewer, maker, breaker, tree-climber, opinion-giver (and so much more) here at Fort Awesome. Harrison helps us to keep things real, and to imagine more and better than we ever could alone. Harrison takes making cubbies, friends, and other things very seriously; seriously fun.


Meet our amazing supporters



Projectfortawesome is a thrilled recipient of a Small Project Grant: Concept Development Category through Sunshine Coast Council’s RADF 2018 scheme. The Regional Arts Development Fund (RADF) is a partnership between the Queensland Government and Sunshine Coast Council to support local arts and culture in regional Queensland.



Our current artist-in-residency at the Maroochy Botanical Gardens is generously supported by the Sunshine Coast Council’s Creative Spaces initiative.



We would like to thank Sunshine Mitre 10 for their generous assistance for this project.